Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys, Gary Reid as “Carter Stanley” In a Life of Sorrow


Lee Theatre

41676 W. Morgan Ave, Pennington Gap VA

Crooked Road Concerts


7:00 PM

Ralph Stanley II and The Clinch Mountain Boys have taken on the weighty task of carrying forward the Stanley music legacy and are doing it in grand style. Since inheriting the Clinch Mountain Boys after his famous father passed away in 2016, Ralph II has assembled a band that can just as easily burn down the barn with “How Mountain Girls Can Love” or bring a crowd to tears with the Stanley’s signature and emotional “White Dove.” The new version of the band, features Ralph II on lead vocals and guitar; John Rigsby on fiddle and mandolin; Alex Leach on banjo; and Noah Brown on upright bass. Together, they not only are carrying the Stanley tradition forward, but establishing themselves on the bluegrass charts with great material and well-crafted song writing you can hear on their first album, Ralph Stanley II & The Clinch Mountain Boys.

An actor, musician, and writer, Gary Reid created A Life of Sorrow, a theatrical production that celebrates Carter Stanley’s life and music and give today’s mountain music fans a chance to get to know this significant if overlooked early bluegrass musician. The foremost authority on the pioneering bluegrass duo The Stanley Brothers, Reid is a respected Roanoke, Virginia-based bluegrass and old-time music professional. Over his long career he has been a performer, record producer, researcher, historian, author, and concert promoter. In 2009 he turned his passion to telling the story of Carter Stanley, and after five years of development, Reid officially launched A Life of Sorrow. Since September 2014, Reid has presented the show to many enthusiastic audiences who have been mesmerized by his moving portrayal of the life of the “smoothest singer ever to come out of the Clinch Mountains.”