Bill & the Belles, The Earl White Stringband


Rock School

505 Shady Avenue, Damascus VA

Crooked Road Concerts


7:00 PM

What began as a project to explore the space created between hillbilly and urban, between vaudeville and down home, has arrived somewhere entirely new. Bill and the Belles offers a contemporary re-imagining of a bygone era, a vocal-centric performance that breathes new life into the sounds of early country music. From sentimental Southern ballads to the popular songs of Tin Pan Alley to regional fiddle breakdowns, a Bill and the Belles show is a celebration of the diversity country music once represented.

Bill and the Belles play as the house band for the historic Farm and Fun Time show on Radio Bristol at the Birthplace of Country Music that presents America’s top country and roots music artists. Lifelong musicians Kris Truelsen, Grace Van’t Hof, Kalia Yeagle, and Karl Zerfas bring to the stage a show full of humor, high spirits, and all-around revelry. Bill & the Belles shares a rare musical connection and deep love for the music, and their excitement is contagious.

The Earl White Stringband hails from Floyd, Virginia and delivers booming old time music the old time way with Earl on fiddle, Eli Wildman on guitar, Tammy Sawyer on bass, and Jason Dilg on banjo. Fiddlin’ Earl White has been a prominent figure in the old time music and dance community for more than 40 years. He is one of the few Black Americans playing and perpetuating the music that was once an important part of black culture and black communities across the US. He is an original and founding member of the famed Green Grass Cloggers, and received his first fiddle in 1975. The energy and rhythm of the dancing he did with the Green Grass Cloggers to the music of Tommy Jarrell, the Highwoods Stringband, the Plank Road Stringband, and the Horseflies can be heard in Earl’s driving fiddle style.