ROAM Sites on Bikes

June 7-15


Huckleberry Trail

Trailheads include: 200 Miller Street, Blacksburg; 751 Merrimac Road, Blacksburg; 782 New River Road, Christiansburg; 1600 North Franklin Street, Christiansburg. See for locations of Bicycle Stations.

Learning Opportunity
Participatory Event


Anytime from sunrise to sunset


Lisa Bleakley

Hop on a ROAM NRV bicycle and take a self-pedaled tour of the Huckleberry Trail. This 8-mile linear park connects the towns of Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Montgomery County. There is plenty to see including the Coal Miner's Heritage Park, "pocket” parks such as: Talbot Park, nature walks, Heritage Community Park, and Gateway Park; the "gateway" to the Jefferson National Park. Photograph, identify, or just plain enjoy the interesting plants and wildlife along the way! You may even see a huckleberry or two! Don't forget to head into town for refreshment. There will be many opportunities to Go to Town!

Grab a bike at one of the 12 bike sharing stations located in the towns of Blacksburg, Christiansburg and the Virginia Tech campus. Visit for information on how and where to access the bicycles.

Download the VAMONDE phone app or pick up a descriptive brochure at the Christiansburg Recreation Center, Blacksburg Library, Montgomery Museum, and Montgomery County Government Center.