Mark O’Connor featuring the O’Connor Band


Floyd Country Store

206 S Locust St, Floyd VA

Crooked Road Concerts


7:00 PM

Born in 1961 in Seattle, Washington, Mark O’Connor at age 13 won the Grand Master Fiddler Championship, a record that still stands. In subsequent years he won national titles on three instruments: fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. O’Connor has studied with some of the greatest players to hold the instrument, such as Benny Thomasson, Stephane Grappelli, Isaac Stern, and Itzhak Perlman. And today O’Connor is considered among the greatest living players on the instrument. Some of O’Connor’s albums—such as his collaborations with cellist Yo-Yo Ma and bassist Edgar Meyer, Appalachia Waltz and the Grammy Award winning Appalachian Journey—have straddled musical boundaries between classical music and acoustic roots music. These and other albums have showcased O’Connor’s compositions performed by the fiddler alongside some of the most skilled instrumentalists of his generation. Other albums featuring O’Connor’s compositions were recorded by leading classical orchestras and ensembles. He has produced a number of books of music instruction known as the O’Connor Method. He has contributed his compositions and his performances to accompany ballet and dance recitals and film soundtracks. After recording approximately 45 albums on his own that have sold millions of copies, O’Connor and his family—featuring his wife Maggie O’Connor (vocals, fiddle), son Forrest O’Connor (vocals, mandolin), future daughter-in-law Kate Lee (vocals, fiddle), as well as friends Joe Smart (guitar) and Geoff Saunders (bass)—in 2016 released Coming Home, one of the most popular bluegrass albums in recent years. In addition to bluegrass, O’Connor has played on hundreds of country music sessions and has participated in improvisatory jamming on albums of hot jazz and swing music.