Woodworking Shop Open House

June 9-17


PHOENIX HARDWOODS - Woodworking Shop

2540 Floyd Hwy North, Floyd, VA 24091

Learning Opportunity


June 9-17: 10:00 - 5:00 every day

Woodworking Shop Open House
Come visit our woodworking shop and see how we make furniture from Local Virginia hardwoods!
We often start with trees that would end up as firewood and mill them with our sawmill,
using a 5’ ripping chain. Slabs are dried for years, both outdoors & in a kiln. Our one-of-a-kind furniture
is made with much traditional joinery, and is finely finished. Woodworking demos all day.
From Slab Stools, to Beds, Tables, and Cutting Boards, there’s something for everyone!
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