Mount Pleasant Preservation Society’s Juneteenth Celebration

Saturday June 16, 2018 5-9 pm & Tuesday June 19, 5 -pm.


Mount Pleasant Preservation Society Inc. Museum

320 S. Main St. Marion, Virginia

Central ZONE
Learning Opportunity
Participatory Event


5-9 pm & 5- pm.

The Mount Pleasant Preservation Society Inc. Museum welcomes you to its Juneteenth Celebration, which commemorates the abolishment of slavery in the United States. Come celebrate with us and enjoy local musicians showcasing their talent of music and song, and watch historic video presentations. The museum, previously known as the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, was originally built in 1914 by the hands of Black Brick Masons and Tradesmen, and on land donated to former slaves to build a place of workshop. This structure is rich in African American history. The late Evelyn Thompson Lawrence, retired teacher, local historian and musician, first had the vision of turning the Mount Pleasant Methodist Church into a museum. Her mission was to “Restore the Voices” and recognize many of the local Black Citizens of Smyth County, whose contributions to the community and the world had gone long unnoticed or ignored. Ms. Lawrence’s grandmother, Sallie, was a former slave who became a founding member of this Methodist Church and helped shape the lives of African American youth and children in Marion. The Mount Pleasant Preservation Society Inc. Museum also pays tribute to the life of Ms. Katherine Goble Johnson, whose story was highlighted in the recent movie “Hidden Figures." Ms. Johnson once taught in the county of Marion, prior to the integration of the Smyth County School System. The Mount Pleasant Preservation Society Inc. Museum continues to work to highlight the rich, influential achievements of its local residents and to tell the stories of those long ignored.