June Militia Muster: Martin’s Station Fort at Wilderness Road State Park

Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th


Historic Martin's Station at Wilderness Road State Park

Wilderness Road State Park
8051 Wilderness Road
Ewing, VA 24248

Learning Opportunity
Participatory Event


9 am - 5 pm

Wilderness Road State Parks’ Martin’s Station fort replica will be hosting a militia muster. In historical retrospect, these musters called on citizen soldiers to take up arms and rally to an outpost to either be trained, or to hone the skills they had already acquired. This holds somewhat true today, as volunteers from several states converge on Martin’s Station for these militia musters where instead of training, they provide in-depth historical interpretation and demonstrations on various 18th century subjects for visitors to Wilderness Road State Park.
Some of the muster subjects covered include: open hearth cooking, artillery drills, brain tanning, spinning, weaving, Native American culture, battle re-enactments and more. This event assists the park and Martin’s Station in their goal to educate visitors by accurately portraying life on Virginia’s 18th century frontier.

$3 / car